Why Realism?


Why Realism?


People love smart devices.

We share with our smart devices, eat with them, drive with them, and sleep next to them. But as smart devices get smarter, they create a digital barrier between us and the world right in front of us. Will we look up from our smart devices one day to realize we’ve missed something?


How Much Do We Love Smart Devices?

We have purchased over a billion smartphones and downloaded several billion apps. In five years there will be over 10 billion connected smart devices in use.1

They are Really, Really Addictive.

Most people check their smart devices every 6 to 12 minutes, and anywhere from 80 to 150 times a day.2

Kids Get Addicted, Too.

Children 8-18 are on smart devices and TV over 50 hours per week.3 That’s more than a full-time job.

Are You Actually Productive?

Between emails, texts, calls, and the beckoning Internet, smart devices lead to a lot of disruptions. It’s hard to concentrate on any one thing.


Are We Obligated to Stay Connected?

51% of people check their smart devices continuously while on vacation.4 (Not to mention while driving, while walking, while in bed, etc.)

Why Realism?

Realism removes the barrier that disables our ability to be present. It gives us freedom to take part in life once again.


Realism is for Reality.

Realism is not anti-technology. It’s for the correct use of technology. It's not for documenting life instead of living it. Realism is for quality time with friends and family. For human interaction. For being present.