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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE @KIMGUILFOYLE, co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Five

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“Kudos to The Company of Others for reminding us to live the moment, not record it. Love my Realism smart device! Check them out on Facebook – Realism Smart Device and website” – Kimberly Guilfoyle on Facebook

Press Release


NEW YORK (Dec. 10, 2014).  This holiday season, The Company of Others has created the ideal gift – Realism™ Smart Device – the present of being present. Realism is the ultimate smart device – one that removes the "Digital Barrier" that separates people from the world around them and each other. Realism allows smart device users to connect with, and be present for, the people and things that are most deserving of their attention.

Product benefits/features include:

  • Modern, lightweight design that is easy to carry, and can be used anywhere in lieu of other smart devices or phones.
  • Pre-loaded with the most advanced apps for sound, sight, taste and smell, enabling users to enjoy what's in front of them without a filter.
  • The most powerful processor in the world – the human brain.
  • Never drops a call, never runs out of battery or needs to be charged.  
  • Never rings or vibrates at the wrong time.
  • Enables users to participate in life in real time, not just observe or record it.
  • Available in glossy red, white, black and clear.


There are over a billion smart devices in use, and most users check their device(s) 120-180 times a day. (Studies show that activities like checking emails and incoming texts trigger the same neurons and responses as gambling.) Youth ages 8 to 18 are on screen an average of 55+ hours a week – more than a full time job.   

The Company of Others President Scott Brown remarks, "Smart devices, as most of us know them, have created an epidemic of missed opportunities, missed moments and missed connections.  What happened to great conversations, focused concentration, or simply being present? We believe Realism can help bring people back to reality by encouraging a balanced use of technology devices."  

Realism is a call-to-action for people to interact with each other without the barrier created by other smart devices.  Realism is a product, as well as a public service message, created in response to a widespread addiction to technology that has resulted in many users' self-imposed exile from the world.


Realism™ is available at and in specialty retail stores.



Recognized by an eminent panel of journalists as the best new company of 2013, The Company of Others lives and thinks ahead of trend, anticipates where audiences are heading, and works with companies to connect their product offerings, behaviors, marketing, internal operations, and culture with that future.  The Company of Others' product is the opportunity for a business to lead and the strategy for getting there. The Company of Others creates future companies.  Please visit

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Q: What is Realism?

A: Designed for both practical use and symbolism, Realism is a handheld device that removes the digital barrier. The device empowers individuals to frame (and enjoy) their current reality. It will never drop a call. It will never run out of charge. It will never ring or vibrate at the wrong time. It will simply connect users to what they’ve been missing.


Q: How big is Realism?

A: The device is 6 x 3 inches.


Q: How much does it weigh?

A: The device weighs .05 ounce.


Q: Where is the product made?

A: We proudly manufacture Realism in the U.S.


Q: What is the product made out of?

A: Realism is comprised of archive-quality polycarbonate. We recommend extending the life of Realism by passing it along to a friend.


Q: What kind of packaging does Realism come in?

A: Realism comes in a sleek plastic case which spotlights the design and ingenuity of the product.


Q: Can I order Realism in bulk?

A: Yes! We can fulfill both small and large orders.


Q: How quickly does Realism ship?

A: Realism is shipped via USPS and will generally reach you in two to eight days. 



For additional questions, please contact us here or call 1-844-REALISM.