Meet Realism


Meet Realism

The Smart Device for the Good of Humanity


Delete the Digital Barrier

The Realism™ smart device allows you to truly connect with the people and things most deserving of your attention. Realism removes the digital barrier that disables your ability to be present and gives you the freedom to take part in your life once again. Welcome back to reality.

The Smartest Smart Device Technology


Realism is not like other smart devices. Realism will never drop a call. It will never run out of charge. It will never ring or vibrate at the wrong time. It is the only smart device that can show you what you've been missing.


· Limitless Memory
· Dinner Table Compatible

· Fully Waterproof
· 360° Sound

· Unparalleled Resolution
· Never Rings or Vibrates



Realism is for you, for reality, and for the good of humanity. Give yourself, or someone you know, the gift of being present. Plus, help someone in need.

A portion of the proceeds from Realism will go to charity. We're currently exploring partnerships with various charities that align with our goal to help the good of humanity. If you know of a charity that would be a good fit, please send your suggestions to